Beautiful Winter Wedding at Raven Hall Country House Hotel, Scarborough

A beautiful, crisp winter’s day was the setting for Fiona and Lee’s wedding day.  The sun was shining high, with the gentle sound of the waves below; who could possibly resist this stunning venue.

Raven Hall Country House Hotel in Scarborough is situated 600 feet above sea level, overlooking Robin Hood’s Bay in the North York Moors National Park – simply breathtaking.

As the bridal preparations began in one of the stunning lodges, overlooking Robin Hoods Bay, the groom preparations were taking place some 15 miles away.  By, were we in for a surprise when we turned up to the groom’s house, where he and his friends were certainly making the most of their final few hours.  Bacon and sausages cooking, whisky flowing and banter a plenty – what more would you expect from ex-army guys with huge personalities.

Meanwhile, over at the bride’s lodge, a more sedate morning lied ahead.  Well, that was until they were greeted with a surprise visitor.  Fiona, the bride, has a huge passion for donkeys and, her soon-husband-to-be, had secretly adopted a donkey in her name and organised him to pay his first visit to Fiona on her wedding day.  His name was Monty.  He melted everyone’s hearts with his gorgeous eyes and a mouth that looked like he was permanently smiling – simply adorable.

As the ceremony approached the boys started to look a little nervous but not enough to stop their laughter. Whilst at the bride’s lodge, the champagne flowed.

A beautiful ceremony took place, with two people so in love, declaring their love for each other.  That was until the exchanging of rings! The Best Man had exchanged the wedding rings for two Haribo rings.  Well, I don’t really need to explain the reaction – not a dry eye in the room for laughter – the registrar had been pre-warned thankfully.

A beautiful drinks reception took place as people ventured out onto the lawn to appreciate the views before them. The group shots took place, again with fun and laughter aplenty. It was now time to whisk the couple away for their shots. We explored the grounds and took advantage of the stunning views.

We have heard some speeches over the decade of capturing weddings, however, the Best Man’s speech was so well thought out, well planned and expertly delivered – a huge well done! The Groom’s speech was delivered straight from the heart.

The evening celebrations started, drinks flowed and the dancing began. A good night had by all.

Thank you so much, Fiona and Lee, for allowing us to share, and capture your special day.


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Selecting your favourites for sharing and viewing



Here is a quick help post for all those wanting to select some favourites from their special event for the purpose of sharing that selection with friends and family, or to let us know what favourites you’d like to use for your wedding album, wall art and so on.

The steps are pretty straight forward, but we would strongly advice that this is all done on a PC, Mac or Laptop. Trying to use a mobile device such as a iPad, some of the functionality is reduced and/or works slightly differently.



Step 1:  Login to your galley

You’ve probably already done this several times before, but if not simply login in your gallery using the password screen. To find our galleries quickly follow this link:

wedding picture gallery login screen

Step 3:  Select your favourites


Once you’ve logged into your gallery you will see a menu at the top right of the scree. Simply click “Select Photos”. Your screen will update into select mode and the top menu will change.


select you wedding day photography favourites



You can now click on each of the image to select or deselect the images as you want. As you hover you mouse of each image, an overlay will appear showing a heart symbol top left and a circle bottom left of the image. Click anywhere on the image and the circle will now have a tick inside it, click again and it will remove… it’s really that simple.

select your favour wedding day pictures

Repeat this process until you have selected all of your photographs. TIP: You will see at the top of the screen just below the cancel button a caption showing you how you have selected on this occassion.

Once you have select them all, you now need to complete the selection buy going back to the top of the screen (you may need to scroll back to the top), and choose “Add To Favourites”. TIP: You can do this as many times as you want to add more photographs to your favourites.

Step 4:  Create an account to save your favourites

When you click on “ADD TO FAVOURITES” a pop up will appear asking you to login, or create an account. You must have an account in order to save your favourites. Do which ever is appropriate for you? Note: This is NOT your gallery login details, you must create a personal account.


You will see a message appear at the top left of your screen. Your favourite have now been placed into a group called “My Selection”. TIP: You can create multiple groups for different cluster of favourites, e.g. a group to send to grand parents, and another group for friend enjoying the party or photo booth.


Step 5:  Review your favourites


You can now review your select by navigating to your group, view the tool bar option on the top left of your screen. Once in this screen, you can review, delete, reorder, and much more.



Step 6: Share your favourite or send to the photographer

If you want the team at Photography For Life to see your favourites, you must share these with us. Again this is nice and easy, click on the “Send To…” button of the top left of your screen.




You now have two options in the dialogue box. “Send To Photographer” or “Send to a friend”. If you choose the first, simply complete the boxes as appropriate. You can leave us a nice message or explain why you have selected particular images, and so on here. You don;t need to worry about how it gets to us, the system will do all of that for you automatically.



That’s it. You can now view, select, review, save and share any of your favourite with us and your friends and family. It’s great to share!

Why not create a rogue gallery of who did the worst “dad dancing” and send it to your friends?? Have fun…

wedding photographs on iPad

Enjoy your wedding and portrait photographs on the go

wedding photographs on iPad


Finally its live, our all new mobile gallery for IOS and Android devices.

Over the last year we have been working closely with our suppliers, and after a lot of hard work, you can now view your wedding and portrait pictures directly from your mobile devices. Not only can you view your photographs directly on screen, you can also download them to your device, and share them with your friends and family directly from your phone and tablet.

So here’s how to enjoy your wedding and portrait images…


Step 1:  Get the App

Download the app called ‘Photo Moments’ for your device. For IOS user, go to ‘Photo Moments for IOS‘, and for Android user go to ‘Photo Moment For Android‘.

Photo Moments Application

Step 2:  Go to the special link you’ve been sent

We will send you a unique link for your gallery. Simple open this on your mobile device, and hey presto, your application should open. It really is that simple.

On opening, you’ll be presented with our Welcome Screen. Swipe up and you’ll soon be viewing your photographs.

wedding photography mobile application for IOS and Android


Step 3:  Select Your Gallery

From here your but a tap or two away from your gallery. If your gallery is password protected, you’ll be requested to complete a very quick registration form before you can enter your photography gallery.

This method ensures only you and the people with the password can view your images, keep them safe and secure.

wedding photography mobile application for IOS and Android


Step 4: Enjoy images on screen

Now your gallery is open, you’ll be presented with all your images for you to swipe through and enjoy.

wedding photography mobile application for IOS and Android


Step 5: View your images full screen

If you want to see any images in full screen that is equally as simply. Tap your chosen image and it will fill the screen. Tap again and the screen will go to a clean view, allowing you to enjoy your image without any fuss on the screen.

wedding photography mobile application for IOS and Android


Want to see them in a slideshow mode, then tap on the play button, and the screen will play each image in turn automatically.

Want to play them at a different speed, no problem. Click on the setting button (top right) and from here you have a number of options you can set to suit your needs.




Step 6: Download your favourite images and keep them on your mobile device

Not only can you enjoy them online, via your mobile application, you can also download them directly to your mobile device and enjoy them anytime, regardless of if you have a data signal or wifi connection.

If you want to download a single image, tap on the photograph, then tap on the download button, and chose the “Save low-resolution image”. It will then be downloaded to your devices photos.

Want them all on your device, then this can be done just as easily. This time, leave the screen showing all the image (in a grid or brick view). Now select the download option, and instead this time all the images will download to you device. Warning: This will use your roaming data bandwidth, unless you have set the option to only download over wifi in the setting section, as noted above.

wedding photography mobile application for IOS and Android


Step 7: Share your favourite images

We actively encourage you to share your favourite images with your friends and family. Select the photograph you want to share, tap the share button, and share via whatever method you choose.

Note: You must have the associated sharing capability set-up on your device in order for you to share your images.

wedding photography mobile application for IOS and Android


OK, thats about it. We know you’ll love viewing and sharing your photographs and for years to come. So click download the app today and start sharing!

Modern Classical Wedding Day Photography Hotel Van Dyk

The wedding of Rebecca and Daniel began on a fresh November morning at Hotel Van Dyk where Rebecca and her bridal party were busy preparing for the amazing day ahead. There were no apparent nerves as everyone found a suitable space to apply make-up and sort hair as the room was full to bursting, but it only added to the excitement of the morning with an abundance of fun and laughter. The couple’s children were integral to the day, with Freddie and Rosie joining the morning’s preparations, along with Niece Brooke and friend Rosie.

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Elegant Clumber Park Hotel Wedding Day Photography

Clumber Park Hotel Wedding Contemporary Photography Nottinghamshire Stunning civil ceremony Beautiful Bride and Groom

The wedding of Richard and Suzanne took place at Clumber Park Hotel in North Nottinghamshire.  A very popular wedding venue, and one that we are regular visitors to.

Morning preparations were in full swing when we both arrived to capture the proceedings. As usual with two photographers, we capture both the bride and groom’s preparations simultaneously and on this occasion both were at the same location.

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Fun wedding day photography at Carlton Towers Yorkshire

Carlton Towers Yorlshire Contemporary Wedding Photography Captured by Karl - or 0114-2331135

Michael & Melissa’s wedding day started and finished at the ever beautiful Carlton Towers in Goole, Doncaster, East Yorkshire. Despite the occasional shower, nothing could dampen the wonderful warmth of this wedding. Mel’s eye for detail was certainly showing throughout the day, with stunning vintage touches, such as lovely little ornate frames on each table with a famous romantic quote. The civil ceremony room at Carlton Towers looked simply stunning with the ornate lights, wood panelled walls and endless painted details on the ceiling. Holly the dog however, didn’t really notice most of this as she slept through most of the ceremony!

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A beautiful Wedding Day Story Book Album from Oulton Hall, West Yorkshire

Oulton-Hall-Wedding-Story-Book-Album Captured by Karl - or 0114-2331135This album we’d love to show you is another example of a very modern cover and inside design. The Graphistudio album show’s our wedding photography of Jane and Chris’s marriage at Leeds Cathedral and the celebrations at Oulton Hall in Rothwell. The cover is a matt metal in green, with the couple’s names and wedding date etched on the front. Metal covers can come in so many different colours, we seem to have a flurry of green album covers lately! And it’s so nice to see a square album too! The layout inside is again very modern, with rounded images and frames with depth to each picture. We think it looks fabulous, what do you think?

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